About My Work

Research has proven that the human brain is moldable. This means that the brain can create new connections and our habits and automatic responses can be changed.

With a background in counselling psychology, ADHD coaching and exercise science, I have learned how to take advantage of this process in the brain to help individuals manage their overwhelming emotions.

Through customized attention training, movement, and simple reflective practices such as Focusing, you can develop the skills to harness stress and act intentionally instead of reacting impulsively.

This will help you to manage overwhelming feelings and be more effective, organized and successful in getting things done.

While this can apply to most people, these feelings of overwhelm are more acute and pervasive in individuals who are highly sensitive and those who have ADHD. It is the unique brain wiring of these individuals that makes their emotions more intense and challenging situations more overwhelming.

Does this sound familiar to you? Call or email me today to talk about how I can help you to feel more in control and succeed in reaching your potential.

About Me

My journey began as a kinesiologist and yoga instructor helping individuals develop healthy lifestyle habits and lead more balanced lives. While I was able to describe what healthy lifestyle choices were and how to implement them, I realized that the process of change was much more complex. Many times, individuals had deeper, emotional obstacles to deal with before they could implement new habits. Recognizing that I only had half of the puzzle complete, I continued my education in psychology and completed a masters degree in counselling psychology.

With a natural interest in human physiology, I focused my studies on the neuroscience of emotion and behaviour. What I discovered was that I loved attention research.  Attention fascinates me because it dictates what we think about, and often times, how we feel about something. Moreover, what we pay attention to changes the wiring in our brain and can be used to create new thought patterns and associations.

Coming full circle, I now use mindfulness-based, contemplative therapies and physical activity to help individuals harness their attention and manage their emotions. Using this holistic mind-body approach I have found that individuals have more options in implementing change and as a result, feel more confident in creating lasting change.

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Registered Psychotherapist - College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario


training and certifications:

M.Ed. Counselling Psychology - University of Toronto

Hons B.A. Psychology - York University

Specialized Hons B.A. Kinesiology and Health Science - York University


Focusing Oriented Therapist - in progress

CCPA Certified Canadian Counsellor 

ADDCA Associate ADHD Coach

CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist

Certified Learned Self-Regulation Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor


Therapeutic approaches:

Focusing Oriented Therapy

Client Centred Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy